Let's Play Catch Up! {Part One}

Hello Everyone!

Wow! How long has it been since I wrote an actual post? I've stopped by periodically for Oh, How Pinteresting! and Currently, but I haven't written an actual post in forever. However, I am back now complete with a totally new blog design and ready to play catch up!

Since my last blog post I have...

successfully taken and passed my GACE
 been advised and I am  ready to register October 31

found out I'm all set to apply to the School of Education in February

survived midterms thanks to my go to snacks of a chocolate chip muffin, baked Doritos, and a Coke

completed a few things on my to-do list such as labeling and organizing all my children's books

taken some much needed time to meet with a friend. Cody and I met with a friend for lunch and he ordered an entree that included grilled cactus. Has anyone ever eaten grilled cactus? This amazing entree was also delivered to our table in a steaming rock, yes, a rock!

finally, I spent a wonderful  fall night with Cody at the local fair
Well, now you are caught up on all the random little things that have been going on. Join me tomorrow as I share my Sweet Treat Swap goodies!

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  1. You go girl on sorting your books! I have all my books in a word document but I REALLY need to go through and sort by genre or author or something.. some kind of organization! Thanks for blogging about the giveaway :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees
    500 Follower Giveaway / 5 giveaways - 5 winners!