Tell Me More, Tell Me More!

I LOVE reading about the amazing teachers and bloggers who are behind all of the wonderful ideas out there so I'm linking up with Mrs. Lemons from Step into 2nd Grade for her Tell Me More Linky Party to tell you a little bit more about myself.

1. I am a little obsessive compulsive and extremely organized. I figure these traits will come in handy when I begin teaching. 

2. I love taking pictures and my newest hobby is scrapbooking.

3. My favorite stores are Target, Michaels, and Loft. Did I mention I love Michaels because of the amazing coupons they offer?

4. I am already collecting things for my classroom and I’m only a sophomore in college. For example, I have already collected 255 books for my classroom library and I’m expecting a package of 80 more this week. :)

5. Pretty Little Liars, House, and Dance Moms are my favorite T.V. shows. 
 6. Who is that handsome guy? That is my sweet boyfriend, Cody. We met on the playground in Kindergarten. Cute, huh? :) We were best friends throughout school and finally started dating about a year and a half ago. We make an amazing team. He is funny, sweet, and always so encouraging and supportive. The best part about him is he is studying to be a teacher too (History and Secondary Education). We both can’t see why the other wants to teach the grade they do. :)
7. I hold my pencil between my ring finger and my pinky. In elementary school my teachers always tried to correct it, which is odd because now every teacher I meet thinks it’s the coolest thing ever.
Yes, that is a terrible cell phone picture of my hand.

Well... I hope you have learned some interesting facts about me. Check back tomorrow for a recap of my latest project. : )
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  1. I have a friend that I went to high school with that holds her pen the exact same way! We always messed with her, but she actually had some of the best penmanship that I have ever seen.

    I am your newest follower!
    From Blood to Books!

    1. Haha my friends always thought it was so cool and wondered how I wrote so neat.:) Thanks for being my newest follower!