Adventures in Spraypainting

As I mentioned yesterday, I am oh so slightly addicted to buying things for my future classroom. So Cody and I ventured out EARLY Saturday morning for a day full of yard sales. I am in all kinds of love with yard sales since a neighborhood yard sale we attended back in May. I got an arm FULL of barely used books that day for $3 because Cody told them I was studying to be a teacher. I was just as successful Saturday and $3.80 later I came home with this...
I am in love with the Wipe Clean Letters book and it was only .25 cents!
I had recently come across a teacher who was selling Target book bins for $1.50 each! Obviously I immediately snatched them up. I mean that is HALF price! I have been stalking the Target dollar spot for awhile hoping to get more book bins. Well... a few weeks ago I sent Cody on a Target run before work and he returned with the only blue book bin in Target. I was so disappointed when he brought it to me and I saw that the new book bin was a different shade of blue than the others I had recently bought. My wheels started turning… hmmm... what should I do? If you read my post yesterday you found out I’m slightly... okay… extremely obsessive compulsive so all of the bins had to be the same color. After a few days of thinking and a few hours of blog stalking I came to this conclusion.

My OCD tendencies could no longer allow me to keep the bins different colors, so I decided they were all going to be white (neutral and perfect for any theme). I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be, but here goes nothing…
Isn't he the greatest? :)
They turned out perfect and I am in LOVE!
Saturday was also the first time I ate here...
Let’s just say I will be visiting this restaurant more often. :)
I meant to take a picture of this…
Touch Screen Coke Machine
Well, that is all for today. :) 

I will leave you with these 2 questions...

1. I am considering putting felt on the bottom of the book bins to reduce wear and tear on not only the bins, but also the shelves. What are your thoughts?

2. Have you seen this new Coke Machine at a restaurant in your area? Is my small town just late in the game or are these relatively new?

Leave me a comment! I would love to hear your opinions on the book bins. :)
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  1. I think if I put felt on the bottom of the book bins my kinders would find a way to pull it off...
    I love the new coke machines (and 5 Guys too). Just found your cute blog!

    1. Great thinking Karla! :) I'm surprised I didn't think of that before. Thanks for becoming my newest follower! I hope you enjoy my blog. :)

  2. I wish I had bought those bins when I saw them at Target, but I didn't like the colors at the time. (lame) My loss!! :)

    I love Five Guys! They have the best fries. And the Coke machine... I don't normally drink sodas anymore (I go for sparkling water), but I have a new favorite - Peach Sprit! So good!

    Miss R's Room

    1. Leslie, I love the book bins! They are so difficult to find at Target, but next time I'll stock up now that I know the magic of spray paint. I love the Five guys fries too and the fact they give you enough for two people! I hope you enjoy my blog. :)