Back to School and Classroom Library Labels!

I would once again like to apologize for my blogging absence! I have a very good excuse, I spent the last week here...

This is a picture of my school from the top floor of the library.
I received an email from my school last Thursday, which was 4 days before school started on the 20th. This email informed me that my Geography 1111K Class (the K means that it is a science class with a lab included) I had registered for was now cancelled. Poof. Gone. Never again to exist. I couldn't help but stare at the email in disbelief because I had already bought all the materials for the class, which were a very pretty penny I might add. The email informed me that I had two options:

1. They would place me in an Astronomy class of their choice and would try to sign me up for the lab at a later time.


2. I could find my own class and I would be put on a list to receive priority registration for Geography 1111K in the Spring semester.

They were very generous options 4 days before classes were scheduled to start, don't you think (note my sarcasm)? Well I chose priority registration, which left me the daunting task of finding a new science with lab as soon as drop/add opened Monday morning. I waited and waited for Monday to add a new class, only to have our registration system crash for 2 hours. However, I finally got an online Biology class and lab around 5:30 Monday night. Did any of you take Biology in college? Were the materials for that class over $300?? I feel it's needless to say my lovely school cost me A LOT of money this semester.

Well that's enough venting! :) On another note, I must say this first week of school has reminded me why I love being an Education major. I am taking two education classes this semester, a teaching of music class, and a teaching of physical science class, along with a few core classes. In my teaching of science class we colored the first day, which in case you didn’t know is right up this girl’s alley! We have labs in that class which consist of making things like ice cream. Can you say awesome?

I have a random confession to make everyone… I carry my own set of Crayola crayons, colored pencils, and markers in my backpack. I can't stand any other brand of crayons except Crayola because they are so waxy. Does anyone else feel the same way? I feel like you all will be accepting of my strange addiction to Crayola because the sweet girls in my education classes accept my addiction. I would also like to add how much I love my fellow ECE (Early Childhood Education) girls AND guys! I must say they are the most kindhearted people you will ever meet and I do believe that they are going to make wonderful teachers! I also love them because they too are a little OCD like me. :)

Finally, I also spent last week finishing these…
Visit my Teachers Notebook Store to get your Classroom Library Labels!
My Classroom Library Labels are finally done! They are now available in my TN store for $10.00. I have already sold several of these this past week and would like to thank any of my followers who have already purchased them! This packet is full of classroom book bin labels as well as corresponding labels to stick inside each book. This set includes 54 labels of every classrooms favorite authors, characters, and categories. The familiar picture on each bin and corresponding book label will help to keep your classroom library organized. If you are still looking for a great way to organize your classroom library before you begin school then hop on over to my TN store and pick up a color that matches your classroom theme or color scheme. :)

I would like to go ahead and apologize ahead of time if I go MIA off and on this semester. I am taking 18 credit hours this semester and haven’t even had time this week to read you guy’s fabulous blogs. So I am now off to go play catch up on my blog reading. The first 2 people to leave a comment below with your color choice (the number please) and your email address will receive a set of my Classroom Library Labels for FREE!
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  1. I just stumbled across your Classroom Library Labels on TpT, so I came to check out your blog. I would love to have a free set of your labels #7 is my choice if you are still willing to share. I've had a mom in my room all week trying to sort through lots and lots of books so that I can get my library organized. (I inherited a bunch of books when I moved rooms this summer)
    These look so cute and match my classroom :)

    epolston at rowland dot k12 dot ca dot us

    (sorry for the extended email, I started getting so much spam when I do it regularly)

    1. Of course I'm still willing to share! I am sending them now so please email me at teachpraylove25@gmail.com if you do not receive them or have any questions. :)